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Why Recycle Mercury?
Wastewater treatment plants play a vital role in maintaining the water quality standards necessary to support the environment. Mercury finds it's way into municipal sewer systems from a number of sources in the city. The most cost effective way to reduce mercury discharges is to remove mercury before it is released to the sewer system.
This is why it is so important to recycle items such as flourescent bulbs, batteries, mercury thermometers, old thermostats, etc. before they can be released to the environment.
Where can I recycle these items?
Most of these items can be recycled at the Dodge County Cleansweep program which is currently held every other year. The next program is scheduled for September 17 & 18, 2010. For items that need to be recycled in another manner, please contact the Dodge County UW Extension at (920) 386-3790.
The Beaver Dam WWTP is also in the process of having a thermometer recycling container available at it's site. We will let you know when this becomes available.
Any questions regarding this program or regarding the recycling of mercury products, please feel free to call Don Quarford or Rob Minnema at the Wastewater Utility. (920) 887-4625