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Donation from the Beaver Dam Unified School District

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The Beaver Dam Unified School District has donated a collection of materials from the "Love and Logic" series for the public to check-out.  The following materials are available:




1.     From Bad Grades to a Great Life:  Unlocking the Mystery of Achievement for Your Child by Charles Fay

2.    From Innocence to Entitlement:  A Love and Logic Cure for the Tragedy of Entitlement by Jim Fay & Dawn Billings

3.    How to Discipline Kids Without Losing Their Love and Respect by Jim Fay

4.    How to Make the Best of Sibling Rivalry by Charles Fay

5.    Love and Logic Money-isms:  Wise Words About Raising Money-Smart Kids by Jim and & Kristan Leatherman

6.    Love and Logicisms:  Wise Words About Kids by Jim Fay and Charles Fay

7.    Padres Criando Ninos con Problemas de Salud y Necesidades Especiales by Foster W. Cline & Lisa C. Greene

8.    Parenting Children with Health Issues and Special Needs by Foster W. Cline and Lisa C. Greene

9.    Parenting Kids to Become the People Employers Really Want and America Desperately Needs! by Charles Fay

10. Parenting Teens With Love and Logic:  Preparing Adolescents for Responsible Adulthood by Foster Cline and Jim Fay

11. Parenting With Love and Logic:  Teaching Children Responsibility by Foster Cline and Jim Fay

12. Tickets to Success:  Techniques to Lead Children to Responsible Decision-Making by Jim Fay

13. When Love is Not Enough:  A Guide to Parenting Children With RAD-Reactive Attachment Disorder by Nancy L. Thomas

14.  "Words Will Never Hurt Me:" Helping Kids Handle Teasing, Bullying and Putdowns by Sally Northway Ogden     

             BOOKS ON CD                                                                                

1.   Allowing Kids to Choose Success by Foster W. Cline

2.   Developing Character in Teens by Jim Fay

3.   Didn't I Tell You to Take Out the Trash?!  Techniques for Getting Kids to Do Chores Without Hassles by Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline

4.   Helicopters, Drill Sergeants, and Consultants:  Parenting Styles and the Messages They Send by Jim Fay

5.   Hormones and Wheels:  Parent Survival Tips for Those Chaotic Teen Years by Jim Fay

6.   Keeping Cool When Parenting Heats Up:  Tips for Staying Calm and Collected by Dr. Charles Fay & Leah Wells      

7.    Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood:  Practical Parenting from Birth to Six Years by Jim Fay & Charles Fay

8.   Love and Logic Solutions:  Unbeatable, On-the-Mark Answers to Parents' Most-Asked Questions About Raising Kids by Jim Fay

9.   Love Me Enough to Set Some Limits: Building Your Child's Self Esteem With Thoughtful Limit  Setting by Jim Fay

10. Oh Great! What Do I Do Now?  Parenting Remedies for When Kids Cook Up the Unexpected by Charles Fay

11. Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers:  Love and Logic Parenting for Early Childhood:  6 Months to 5 Years by Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline

12. Trouble-Free Teens:  Smart Suggestions for Parenting Your Pre-Teen by Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline

13. When Kids Drain Your Energy by Jim Fay

14. Winning the Homework Battle:  Helping Children Discover and Celebrate Their Strengths by Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline





1.      Helping Kids Face Today's World

2.      Hope for Underachieving Kids:  Opening the Door to Success with Love and Logic

3.      How to Raise Kids Who Make Responsible Decisions When Nobody Is Watching

4.      Who Says Parenting Can't Be Fun?


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