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Shop With Cops Dodge County Law Enforcement

Dear Parents,


As in the past, this Christmas Season, local law enforcement and area businesses have teamed up to offer the successful program badged "Shop with Cops".  For the thirteenth time in Dodge County, this program is going to take place on Saturday, December 12, 2015 at Bayside Supper Club in Beaver Dam, WI.


The program is to allow local Law Enforcement Officers and children to develop a relationship that will make a difference in both their lives and hopefully last a lifetime.


The program allows the children to go Christmas shopping with the Officer to buy gifts for family members.  When the shopping is all done the children will be taken back to Bayside Supper Club for breakfast and also to get to know the Officer better.  While at Bayside, the children will have their gifts wrapped and also get to meet a special guest (yes, it’s Santa).


This program was started because most law enforcement personnel are also parents and understand how difficult the holiday season can be for everyone. This is even more so for those children from single parent households, as well as parents who have experienced lay-offs, illnesses or unforeseen injuries which have created a financial hardship for the family.


The SWC-Dodge County Law Enforcement Association has worked very hard in seeking donations from the citizens and businesses in Dodge County so that this program can be offered to you at no cost of your own. There is no obligation on the parents’ behalf in any way except to allow their children to be able to participate in this exciting and rewarding program.


We are inviting your child(ren) to participate in this year’s Shop with Cops event.  You will be required to bring your child on December 12, 2015 (either at 7:45 a.m. (pick up at 10:30a) or 8:45a.m. (pick up at 12:00p) to Bayside Supper Club, W9231 CTH G, Beaver Dam.  We will then take a bus to a local store for Christmas shopping and will then return to Bayside for breakfast.  The program will end at the times listed above at which time you can pick your child up at Bayside Supper Club. 


If you are interested in having your children participate in this awesome program, please fill out the attached forms and return them to: Sergeant Brittany Borchardt, 128 E. Cross St, POB 85, Juneau, WI 53039. These forms will need to be returned by December 1st as the "big shopping day" will fast be approaching.  When we get the form back you will receive a confirmation card stating your child has been signed up and the time they are to arrive at Bayside.   We normally take 100 children shopping during this event and unfortunately not all children will be accepted so it is important to fully explain why your child should be chosen.


In closing, we at the D.C.L.E.A. wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Holiday Season.



Dodge County Law Enforcement/Shop with Cops Committee


Child(ren):      ____________________________                Age:     _____________________

(only those      ____________________________                            ____________________

participating)   ____________________________                            ____________________

                       ____________________________                           ____________________


Parent(s):       ____________________________                Home Phone: ___________________

                      ____________________________               Cell Phone: _________________

Address:         ____________________________               Email: ______________________



Has your child participated in this program in the past?  Yes/No  How many times?  ______


Why should your child(ren) be chosen? ______________________________________________




If your child had an option, which store would they choose to shop at:

_____ Wal-Mart           ______ Fleet Farm  (selection is not guaranteed)


Does my child (ren) have any special needs or food allergies?       Yes/No


If so, who and what: __________________________________________________________________


Do I want my child(ren) to visit with Santa?            Yes/No


There is a possibility of your child’s photo being taken during this event that might be publicized.


By signing this permission form, I am holding harmless the Shop With Cops – DCLEA or any participating business or municipality from any injury or illness to my child(ren) while participating in the 'SHOP WITH COPS' program. I am giving my child(ren) permission to participate in all events during the duration of the program and will be providing transportation to and from Bayside Supper Club at the designated times unless otherwise requested.


Parent signature: _____________________________        Date: _________________________________


Address: ____________________________________    City: __________________________________


RETURN FORM TO:          Sergeant Brittany Borchardt

                                      128 E. Cross St., POB 85

                                      Juneau, WI 53039