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Is comprised of a President; Superintendent of Schools Designee; an Alderperson; and six members at-large, all with a three year term.  The Library Board of Trustees meets on the Friday before the third Monday of each month at 8:00 a.m. in the Library Conference Room, 311 North Spring Street. The board provides oversight and policy guidance for library operations, including the library's endowment investment policy. Terms are 3 years for citizen members, and 1 year for Alderperson.
Samantha Stam, President - term expires 5/1/27 Frank Ferree, Alderperson - term expires 4/1/25
Liberty Bell, Vice President - term expires 5/1/27 Connie Fiegel - term expires 5/1/26
Mary Vogl-Rauscher, Financial Secretary - term expires 5/1/25 Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen - term expires 5/1/25
Mike Devitt - term expires 5/1/26
Kevin Luebke - term expires 5/1/25
Rob Meyer, Superintendent of Schools Designee
Public Notice
Public notice is hereby given that there may be a quorum of Library Board of Trustees members at conventions or library-sponsored events and programs in support of the staff and the library. The Library Board will not conduct any governmental business during these events.
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