Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

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Police and Fire Commission

Effective April 30, 2020

Name Position Phone Email Address Address Term End Date
Jeffry Kohman Chairman 920-344-6106 800 S. Spring St. 5/1/2023
John Oathout 920-219-0077 1201 Gomer Dr. 5/1/2024
Shirley Poch 920-210-0596 221 Prairie View Dr. 5/1/2025
Jeffrey Davis 608-513-8799 317 Farwell Rd. 5/1/2021
Nancy Conley 920-210-2955 1115 Homestead Rd. #8 5/1/2022
John Kuzniewicz Non-Voting Member N7100 Marlow Road

MC 2.60.130: The police and fire commission shall be composed of five residents of the city. Qualifications and responsibilities of the members of the police and fire commission shall be as established by Section 62.13 of the Wisconsin Statutes. (Ord. 61-4074 §1 (part), 1967; prior code §2.03(13).)

SS 62.13 (1) Commissioners: Except as provided in sub. (2m), each city shall have a board of police and fire commissioners consisting of 5 citizens, 3 of whom shall constitute a quorum. The mayor shall annually, between the last Monday of April and the first Monday of May, appoint in writing to be filed with the secretary of the board, one member for a term of 5 years. No appointment shall be made which will result in more than 3 members of the board belonging to the same political party. The board shall keep a record of its proceedings.

62.13(3)Chiefs. The board shall appoint the chief of police and the chief of the fire department, who shall hold their offices during good behavior, subject to suspension or removal by the board for cause.

62.13(4)Subordinates. (a) The chiefs shall appoint subordinates subject to approval by the board. Such appointments shall be made by promotion when this can be done with advantage, otherwise from an eligible list provided by examination and approval by the board and kept on file with the clerk.

The above information is a partial listing of duties assigned to the Police and Fire Commission who has authority to hire, fire and discipline under Wisconsin Statutes 62.13. For complete information visit the State of Wisconsin website at: