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Landmark Commission

The Landmark Commission is comprised of five voting members, two alternate members and three non-voting members.  After the initial terms of the newly-formed commission expire, citizen terms are three years in length; alderperson terms are one year in length.  The Commission meets the first Wednesday of every month at 4:30 p.m. at 108 Beltline Dr. in the conference room.  The Commission performs duties of designating and regulating historic landmarks pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes as related to Historical Landmarks. 
Members:      Michael Firchow, Chairperson (term expires 6/30/20)
                    Ruth Metz (term expires 4/30/21)
                    Jessalyn Braun (term expires 4/30/21)
                    Dean Mueller (term expires 6/30/19)
                    Kate Schneider (term expires 4/30/21)
Alternates:   Mark Murphy (term expires 6/30/20)
                   Glen Link (term expires 6/30/21)
Non Voting Members:  Ritchie Piltz, Secretary
                                 Mayor Becky Glewen
                                 John Moosreiner, Inspection Services
                                 City Attorney Maryann Schacht
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