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Specialized Units

K-9 Unit
The Beaver Dam Police Department added a police patrol/narcotics canine program in the spring of 1996. K-9 King joined the department in the spring of 1996 and acted as a "backup" partner for Lieutenant Michael Steffes. King was a dual-purpose canine, certified in patrol work and narcotics detection and won numerous awards. After his certification, King was credited with over 100 arrests. The Department was saddened by the loss of King, who passed away on January 25, 2003 as a result of heart failure.

In 2004, Officer Andrew Strachota accepted the position and challenge of becoming the new K-9 Officer. The Beaver Dam Middle School students raised a significant amount of funds towards the K-9 program. K-9 Ali joined the department in the summer of 2004 after a one month intense training program. She is certified in narcotics and tracking.  The Department was saddened by the loss of Ali, who passed away on June 28, 2010 from sudden complications of a stomach problem. 

On January 16, 2013, Officer Nathan Keener was promoted to the position of K-9 Officer.  K-9 Blade joined the department shortly thereafter.  K-9 Blade is certified in narcotics.

On November 23, 2015, Officer Kevin Hall was promoted to the position of K-9 Officer.  K-9 Yeti joined the department shortly thereafter.  K-9 Yeti is certified in narcotics and searches.

Bike Unit
This unit was established in 1998, with the help of fund raising efforts in the community. Several officers comprise the Bike Patrol Unit. Each officer must complete specialized training and wear special gear and uniforms. Using bicycles enables the officers to go into areas not easily accessible by squad cars. These officers carry full gear and the bikes are equipped with emergency lights. Officer Tony Karel oversees the bike unit. 
Training Officers
Department personnel are responsible for training new employees. Each officer must attend training to become certified in each specialized area (Field Training Officer, EVOC, DAAT, RADAR, Firearms).
Field Training Officers (FTOs)                     
Officer Jim Van Erem
Officer Mike Kuehn 
Officer Dan Kuhnz 
Officer Meagan Scott
Officer Derek Harmsen 
Officer Andrew Strachota
Officer Mike Kuehn
Officer William Linzenmeyer, Sgt. Scott Bahr and Sergeant Craig Retzlaff are state certified firearm instructors, long gun instructors, and simunition instructors for the department.  All sworn officers need to qualify twice a year with their service weapon and are offered six other training opportunities each year to attend. 
Evidence Technicians
Officers are sent to specialized training to assist in processing crime scenes. They specialize in gathering evidence and taking photos of crime scenes that may be used in court.
Evidence Technicians
Detective Corey Johnson
Detective Heather Johnson 
Detective Travis Wetterau
Officer Richard Dahl
Officer Brian Linzenmeyer
Officer Derek Harmsen
Officer Meagan Scott
Sergeant Eric Feucht
Sergeant Erik Smedema 
The Beaver Dam Police Department currently employs four Detectives and one Lieutenant of Detectives.
Drug Unit
This unit was established in 2002, comprised of a Detective and several officers who received training on how to conduct drug investigations. Citizens who suspect drug activity at a particular location should contact the department, and the information provided will be passed on to the Drug Unit for investigation.
Honor Guard Team
The honor guard team was established in 2016 with Sergeant Craig Retzlaff selected as the coordinator.  The purpose of the honor guard team is to represent the department at memorial services, funerals and public events.  The honor guard is a positive representation for the Beaver Dam Police Department as well as the community.  
Honor Guard Members
Sergeant Craig Retzlaff
Sergeant Erik Smedema
Officer Nathan Keener
Officer Ryan Borchardt
Detective Heather Johnson
Officer Derek Harmsen
Honor guard