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Bird City

Bird City


Bird City Wisconsin seeks to encourage communities to implement sound bird conservation practices by offering high visibility public recognition to those that succeed in doing so. To assist in achieving certification and public recognition as a community that is “bird-friendly” and protects and enhances habitat for birdlife, "Bird City Wisconsin" has worked with municipal officials and conservation organizations to compile a menu of best practices.

To achieve initial annual certification as a “Bird City," communities will need to demonstrate in a written application that they have met criteria in the following categories:

1. Creation and Protection of Habitat

2. Participation in Programs Promoting Effective Community Forest Management

3. Limiting or Removing Hazards to Birds

4. Public Education

5. International Migratory Bird Day


The City of Beaver Dam is proud to say it has been designated as a "Bird City" since 2011.  To see how Beaver Dam has demonstrated the criteria in each of the categories listed above, check out "Bird City Beaver Dam"!




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