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Maryann Schacht,
City Attorney
205 S Lincoln Ave
Beaver Dam, WI 53916
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City Attorney

Conducts and oversees all legal business for the City of Beaver Dam. The City Attorney's office prepares or provides:

  • written legal opinions, which are filed in the City Clerk's office.
  • drafts of ordinances, resolutions, bonds and other legal instruments.
  • examinations of city tax documents, including tax and assessment rolls, documents from tax proceedings such as the Board of Review, and similar or related documents.
  • agenda language to ensure compliance with Wisconsin's open meetings law.
  • prosecutorial functions arising out of violation of city ordinances and/or state laws.
The City Attorney may also:
  • appoint an Assistant City Attorney who has the power to perform the City Attorney's duties and for whose actions the City Attorney is responsible.
  • employ and compensate Special Counsel to assist in or take charge of any matter in which the city has an interest.
The City Attorney's office does not resolve civil matters which arise from time-to-time between neighbors, nor does it do private legal work such as real estate or family law in its role as City Attorney.