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The following fee schedule was approved by the Police and Fire Commission on 01/04/2011, Revised: 09/06/2011, 02/07/2012, 05/14/2014, 11/03/2015, 03/01/2016, 4/4/2017, 8/6/2019, 12/3/2019, 8/18/2020, 11/3/2020

Please contact LifeQuest if you have questions about an ambulance bill 1-800-786-4911

Fire Services Fees

Plan Review Fee For commercial and multi-family residential (anything other than single family residential occupancy), $250.00 each
Re-Inspection Fee Fire prevention re-inspection fee, $50.00 for the second re-inspection (if the violation is corrected on the first re-inspection there is no fee). The fee will increase $25.00 for each subsequent inspection until the violation is corrected.
Tent Permit Fee $10
Fireworks Permit Fee $100 per season - June/July (4th of July) December/January (New Years) - at events or retail sales or event for a professional display
Hot Works Permit Fee $10 per day, cutting or welding operations
False Nuisance Fire Alarms Third and each subsequent false alarm in a 12 month period, $500 per occurrence
Vehicle crash hazard assessment and mitigation, and car fires $500.00 per vehicle. Generally, this fee would be accessed on disabled vehicles that are towed where necessary hazard mitigation is completed. Driveable vehicles would be exempt unless there is necessary intervention from the fire department.

Billing Policy

The following guidelines will be adhered to for billing

  • If we are contacted by the patient, a third party or by the police and the patient accepts care, a bill will be generated
  • If we are contacted by a third party, the police, and/or the patient had nothing to do with calling for assistance and they refuse care, no charge
  • Accidental Life Line calls will not be billed
  • We will bill for all Dead on Arrival calls
  • We will bill for all cancelled intercepts, regardless of who initiates the intercept

Non-Emergent, Lift Assist and Service Calls

  • Staffed Assisted Living Facility and/or Nursing Facility
    • For lift assist with no or minor medical complaint (not to the level of “on scene care”), occurring in a staffed assisted living facility and/or nursing facility, $250.00
  • Private Residence
    • For lift assists with no medical complaint occurring in a private residence, the first and second lift assist service- no charge. At the third occurrence in a 12 month period and each one thereafter, there will be a $100.00 fee per service call
  • Level I miscellaneous service call
    • One crew of 2 or less personnel and one vehicle, less than one hour, $100.00. The number of personnel and vehicles is at the discretion of the officer-in-charge in order to maintain a safe work atmosphere and ensure public safety.
  • Level II miscellaneous service call
    • More than 2 personnel, one vehicle, and/or one hour, $50.00 per person per hour, $200.00 per vehicle per hour. The number of personnel and vehicles is at the discretion of the officer-in-charge in order to maintain a safe work atmosphere and ensure public safety.
  • Lake boater assist or tow-in
    • $250.00 for the first two hours and $100.00 per hour thereafter.

EMS Fee Schedule

Below is the Fee Schedule approved by the Police & Fire Commission effective March 1, 2016, revised February 7th, 2017.

Basic Life Support Base Rate Resident: $700 Non-Resident: $800
Advanced Life Support 1 Emergency Rates* Resident: $875 Non-Resident: $975
Advanced Life Support 2 Base Rates** Resident: $1,390 Non-Resident: $1,490
Basic Life Support On Scene Care*** Resident: $300 Non-Resident: $425
Advanced Life Support on Scene Care**** Resident: $700 Non-Resident: $850
Specialty Care Transport Resident: $1,450 Non-Resident: $1,550
Mileage***** Resident: $15.50 Non-Resident: $16
Cancelled Intercept, regardless of who initiates the intercept $350.00

*Advanced Life Support 1 Base Rate would be charged when it is medically necessary or an assessment by an advanced life support (Advanced Life Support) provider is given and does one or more Advanced Life Support interventions.

**Advanced Life Support 2 Base Rate would be charged when it is medically necessary to administer at least three different medications be intravenous push/bolus or continuous infusion or provide one or more of the following Advanced Life Support procedures; manual defibrillation/cardioversion, endotracheal intubation, central venous line, cardiac pacing, chest compression, surgical airway, intraosseous line.

***This is charged when our service responds to a call, provides treatment, and the patient refuses transport and/or is simply not transported.

****This is charged when our service responds to a call, provides treatment including an Advanced Life Support assessment or at least one Advanced Life Support intervention, and the patient refuses transport and/or is simply not transported.

Specialty Care Transport Base Rate would be charged when it is medically necessary for a critically injured or ill patient to be transferred from one hospital to another hospital. The level of service being provided has to be beyond the scope of the paramedic. This is necessary when a beneficiary's condition requires ongoing care that must be provided by one or more health professionals in an appropriate specialty area, e.g., nursing, medical respiratory care, cardiovascular care, or a paramedic with additional training.

*****Charges for mileage are based on loaded mileage only, from the pickup of a patient to arrival at the destination.

Fire and EMS Apparatus and Staffing:

The fees will equal the FEMA schedule of approved rates in effect at the time of the incident for the type of apparatus and staffing used, or the actual expense incurred by the City of Beaver Dam, whichever is higher. This established rate will help with reimbursement in a chargeable hazardous materials incident, any specialized rescue including but not limited to water, ice, high-angle, collapse, or confined space, or declared or undeclared natural or man-made disaster.  

Records requests

The fees will equal the Department of Health Services Annual Adjustment to Fees as posted as a Public Notice

Extinguisher Class Charge

The Beaver Dam Fire Department shall have the following policy in regards to charging local groups for providing fire safety and fire extinguisher training

  • A $75 fee shall be charged to local businesses or groups that request a fire extinguisher training class. This $50 fee is based on one or two classes with the total number of students being 20 or less. If two classes are scheduled they must be done in sequence or “back to back”. If the instructor has to return to the business an additional $50 fee shall be charged.
  • Non-profit groups that request fire extinguisher training and those who donated to the purchase of the simulator may have the $50 fee waived at the discretion of the Fire Chief or his/her designee.

Outside contractors and service providers for emergency purposes

The fire department may bill for reimbursement of reasonable fees charged to the fire department by licensed private contractors or other persons hired by the fire chief or his or her designee who provide necessary services to assist in mitigating fires, hazardous materials incidents, emergency medical events, rescue situations, or other activities as required to ensure and preserve the SAFETY of citizens and firefighters.  

Reimbursement for Service Policy

In occasions when a neighboring municipality requests the Beaver Dam Fire and Rescue Department to answer an initial fire or EMS call due to:

  • Insufficient staffing
  • Out of service equipment
  • The contracted EMS provider is unable to respond because of a previous 911 call not in that

It will be the policy of the City of Beaver Dam to bill the requesting municipality for the service. The fee will be equal to the current fees charged to municipalities who contract the Beaver Dam Fire and Rescue Department for service.

This policy does not affect actual bona fide mutual aid request for:

  • Calls where local resources are overwhelmed such as:
    • Multiple calls in progress in the municipality
    • Mass casualty incidents in the municipality
    • Large fires or emergencies in the municipality

The fee charged to the municipality for said service will not be off-set by any patient billing revenues received by the City of Beaver Dam.