Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

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The Beaver Dam Water Utility is owned and operated by the City of Beaver Dam, and it operates under the policy guidance of the Operations Committee, which includes the city's Water Commission. Its members are appointed by the mayor, subject to approval by the Common Council. Its rates are subject to review and approval by the Public Service Commission of the State of Wisconsin.

All utility staff hold Wisconsin Water Supply Operations licenses and are fully trained.The utility's treatment facility was completed in 1998, and it includes a softening operation. The city has five water wells and two elevated storage facilities in service.

Billings are combined with those of the wastewater utility, and they are prepared and mailed quarterly. For utility billing information visit the Finance Department Page.

For additional information about the Water Utility and the required testing that we perform, please click on the Water Quality Report tab for the latest edition of the report. This tab is under the heading "In This Department".

The Beaver Dam Water Utility is an agency of the City of Beaver Dam and was created in 1888 by private funds. You can read more about its funding and history below:


Although the Beaver Dam Water Utility is an agency of the City of Beaver Dam, it operates completely independent of the City's General Fund and any tax dollars. The Utility's funding comes directly from the rates it charges its customers for water usage and fire protection. Our customers are charged for water on a quarterly basis in March, June, September and December through the Finance Office. The water usage charges are authorized and approved by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. Sewer bills are based upon water usage and are included on the water billing.


The City of Beaver Dam was incorporated in 1859, at which time industry started to make its presence. It wasn't until 1887 that the Beaver Dam Common Council granted a franchise to the company Moffet, Hodgins, & Clarke of Watertown, New York to construct a water-works system. The system was built in 1888 by private funds and was called the Beaver Dam Water Works Company.

In 1911 the City filed a complaint stating that the pressure was not sufficient for fire protection. In addition, no water meters were installed and the rates were excessive. After the Baptist Church burned down that winter, the pressure was said to be so poor that the water could not reach the roof of the church during the fire.

In 1913, a special election was called and by a vote of 407-343, the people voted to purchase the water system in 1914 for a cost of $133,000. It has been under City ownership ever since.