Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

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An Overview of Your Property Tax Bill

Property Tax Distribution 2018-2019

The annual property tax bill received by residents is for several units of local government and not just the City, including Dodge County, Moraine Park Technical College, and the Beaver Dam Unified School District.

The following chart illustrates the breakdown of the 2018-2019 mill rate by taxing jurisdiction, which is currently $24.0145 per $1,000 of assessed value:

Category Amount
City of Beaver Dam $10.02
Dodge County $5.31
Beaver Dam Unified School District $9.51
Moraine Park Technical College $0.64

2018-2019 Property Tax Distribution

2019 Budget Summary

The total approved budget for general fund expenditures for 2019 totaled $16,461,359. The following is a breakdown by function.

Category Amount
General Government $1,876,389.00 13.32%
Leisure Activities & Conservation $1,795,366.00 12.74%
Other Public Services $1,098,118.00 7.79%
Public Safety $7,619,802.00 54.09%
Public Works/Engineering/Solid Waste $1,698,207.00 12.05%
TOTAL EXPENDITURES $14,087,882.00 100%
Debt Service Fund
Tax Levy Transfers to Other Funds $614,211.00  
Other Financing Uses $10,000.00  
Health and Social Services $49,500.00  
Economic Development $30,700.00  
Debt Service - Short Term Interest $7,800.00  

2019 General Fund Expenditures by Function