Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

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Department of Public Works Drop-off Site
640 S Center St
Beaver Dam, WI 53916
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Year-Round Drop Off

City residents may dispose of yard waste year-round at the Public Works garage 7:30 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday. The site is also open on Saturdays 8 a.m. until noon from April - November. Closed on Holiday weekends.

The site is for yard waste only. No lumber, garbage, or fruits and vegetables, including pumpkins are accepted.

Curbside Pickup

Tree Branches - Collected on your 1st garbage pickup day of the month, Only available April through November

Collection of tree branches is intended to collect branches that residents themselves have trimmed from a tree or two in their yard. It is not intended to be a service for the removal of entire trees or brush from an entire lot by contracted work or work performed by the property owner. These guidelines also apply for branches dropped off at the drop-off site at the public works garage.

Tree branches, not exceeding 7" in thickness and approximately 8' in length will be collected in a loose manner with all cut ends at same ends of pile facing street if tree border space allows, on your 1st solid waste collection day of the month only and must be curbside by 7:00 a.m. on the collection day, but not more than 24 hours prior to that collection day. 

Tree branches, brush and shrubbery cuttings less than 12" in length are also subject to this rule with the exception that they may also be placed in a customer owned 32 gallon maximum waste container with two original handles and not exceeding 50 pounds in weight, providing they are not mixed with any other waste such as grass, leaves, garden vines, flowers, rakings or garbage including rubbish-type materials and do not stick out of the top of the container more than 12". If plastic bags are used, they must be of the transparent type so materials can be identified.   

The tree branch guideline above does not apply to tree contractors, as they must dispose of all cuttings resulting from their work.

Leaves, flowers, rakings containing grass & leaves and garden vines - Announced in autumn starting in October & ending at an announced time in November
Fruits and vegetables, including pumpkins, are considered garbage and will not be collected with yard waste pick up.

Questions pertaining to this section should be directed to the Public Works Dept at 920-887-4635.