Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

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The Department of Public Works performs all street snow and ice removal services within the City.

Street Clearing


We try to make the best snow operation decisions and use the city's resources wisely by taking into consideration all of the weather conditions and the forecast predictions.

Statutory Language:

Decisions on the type of snow and/or ice removal methods are made by the Supervisor in charge and are dependent upon many factors including forecasted accumulation amount, existing and predicted future temperatures and wind, etc.

Snow & Ice Removal Policies for Properties


Property owners are required to clear snow and ice from sidewalks within each day following any accumulation.

Statutory Language:
Policies enforced by ordinance include the following:
Property owners are required to clear all snow and/or ice accumulations from sidewalks fronting their lot or parcel, including sidewalk ramps at the intersections for those properties on corner lots, within each day following any accumulation.  Violations are enforced by Department personnel who clear the accumulation, with the property owner invoiced a minimum established cost, or more.  Multiple violations are also subject to municipal citation in addition to removal costs.  It is the property owner's responsibility to inform tenants of this requirement, not the City.  Enforcement action is levied against the owner only.
Property owners also may not deposit any snow from private property into City streets, alleys, parking lots or street right-of-ways, i.e. tree borders, etc.  Violations are also subject to cleanup costs and/or citations.
The City's Snow/Ice Removal Ordinances can also be found in the Municipal Code, Section 54.9 by Clicking Here >.