Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

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Each of parcel of land in the City of Beaver Dam is zoned under the provisions of the Zoning Code. Each zoning district stipulates the regulations for the use of land and buildings and their spatial relationships (including building height, setbacks and open space) within that district. These zoning regulations exist to preserve the basic health, safety and welfare of the general public and to encourage the existence of complementary uses throughout the City.

If a property owner proposes to use his/ her property in a way that is not permitted by their current zoning, they may request that the zoning of their property be changed to a different zoning district that would permit their proposed use. This process is referred to as a zoning map amendment, or more commonly, a rezoning. In order to rezone property, the Common Council must adopt an ordinance following a recommendation by the City’s Plan Commission. In general, the requested rezoning must be found to be in conformance with adopted City plans.

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To begin the process, contact Todd Janssen, Director of Engineering.

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