Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

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The City of Beaver Dam has adopted goals to become an Energy Independent Community

On May 7th, 2018, Beaver Dam Common Council adopted State goals for Energy Independence and becoming and Energy Independent Community.

  • Generating 25% of electricity and transportation fuels from renewable resources by 2025 ("25x25")
  • Capturing 10% of the emerging bio-industry and renewal energy market by 2030
  • Becoming a national leader in groundbreaking energy research. 

By establishing a Renewal Energy Committee and adopting a Strategic Plan, the City of Beaver Dam will respond to climate change challenges by including sustainability as guiding principle in its decision making processes, supporting projects that exemplify best practices and will seek partnership with the State of Wisconsin to achieve goals. 

Grant Funding Total to Date =  $360,739

The City of Beaver Dam continuously seeks grant funding as opportunities become available Energy Independent Planning grant: $10,000
RECIP Grant: $62,860
Focus on Energy: $40,000 + $257,879 


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Plan Information & Details

Q: What is an energy Independent Community?

A: Energy Independent communities (EIC) is a voluntary agreement between the State of Wisconsin and communities to adopt a goal of generating 25% or more of their energy from renewable energy sources locally by 2025.

Q: Why is this important?

A: In simple terms, to be lean, clean and green. Cities that adopt an Energy Independent plan have a strategic method to utilize resources responsibly and keep energy dollars in their own community. The benefits of energy independence include: recurring annual savings to city operations, greater energy and economic resilience, improved environmental and public health, local job creation and, community engagement and pride. The method also shifts energy model to using cleaner, renewable resources and therefore less dependent on non-renewables such as coal, oil and gas.

Q: What is the process to become an Energy independent community?

A: Below are the key objectives to developing an Energy Independent Community Plan.

  • Create an Energy Team of local stakeholders

  • Evaluate current energy use & sources

  • Determine energy efficiency & savings strategies

  • Determine the potential for generating energy from renewable sources locally

  • Evaluate  select strategy to reach 25x'25 or more as determined by the team

  • Develop an energy independence plan with projected savings & costs to implement

Background on Beaver Dam's energy planning story:

After receiving a planning grant from the Wisconsin Office on Energy Innovation, Mayor Glewen assembled the Beaver Dam Energy Team that consisted of a council member, the city administrator, several department heads, businesses, residents and schools. The team worked in collaboration with E3 Lighting, North Wind Renewable Energy, Alliant Energy, UW-Extension, and a UW-Madison student capstone class to set goals and develop the action plan.