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Program Overview

The Dodge County Community Teen Court is an alternative disposition for first-time juvenile offenders only. As part of the State Court System, it is operated according to Wisconsin Statutes and rules of the sponsoring court(s). Teen courts have been countywide in the Unites States for thirty years. The first countywide Teen Courts in Wisconsin began in the middle 1990's. There are currently over 20 Teen Courts, sponsored by county and municipal courts, functioning in Wisconsin.

Teen Court Procedures & Measures

Teen Court is a way for first time offenders age 12-16 to learn from their actions and refrain from having a conviction on their record. In order to be eligible for Teen Court you must not have received any prior citations and plead guilty to the citation in question. Citations for truancy, traffic, drug or alcohol related offenses or offenses where physical injury occurred are not eligible for Teen Court. If the Judge deems you will be a good candidate for Teen Court you will be referred to Teen Court for resolution of your citation. At the time of the referral a $25 fee must be paid to Teen Court. The fine amount on your citation is not due at this time.

After a referral to Teen Court is made by the Judge and your fee has been paid you will receive an information packet which will contain your Teen Court trial date. You must appear on that date with a parent or guardian.

When you arrive for your Teen Court trial you will be met by a Teen Court Coordinator. The coordinator will go over your paperwork and explain the process to you. You will then be assigned your defense attorney. At that time you and your attorney will discuss the case and what questions may be asked of you.

During the trial there will be a prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, judge and jury. Everyone other than the judge are volunteer youth and previous teen court participants. You will be asked questions about the violation, your home behavior and your school behavior. Your parent or guardian will also be asked questions about the violation and your behavior at home.

After all questions have been answered the jury will deliberate in a private room. During deliberations they will develop a sentence they believe is fair for the violation and your actions. They will then present this sentence to the judge for approval. The sentence may be made up of jury duty (a minimum of two is required), community service, essays, letters of apology or other actions as they deem fit.

After the trial is completed you will again meet with the Coordinator to discuss due dates and when your jury terms must be served.

If you complete your sentence by the due dates and to the satisfaction of the Coordinator your citation will be dismissed and your record may remain clear of any convictions. However, if you do not complete your sentencing on time your case will be returned to Municipal Court where you will be found guilty and be ordered to pay the fine amount immediately.

Contact Information:

If you have questions regarding this service, please contact Dawn Kuzniewicz, 920-887-4622