Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

Welcome to the official website of the City of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin!

The Beaver Dam Fire & Rescue Department maintains various statistics for the department including numbers of fire and EMS responses.  
If you do not find the information you are looking for here, please call the Fire Department at 920-887-4609. 
Listed below are the total number of calls our department responded to in the perspective years. 
2013-2,549 calls
2014-2,770 calls
2015 2,770 calls
2016 2,909 calls
2017 2,712 calls
2018 2,874 calls
2019 2,831 calls
BDFD Annual Report 2019
BDFD Annual Report 2019

BDFD Annual Report 2019

The Beaver Dam Fire Department is a valuable community asset. Our department provided essential services over 2800 times to residents, businesses and visitors in 2019 For the individuals whom we have rendered aide to, they are aware of what we do. For the rest of the population, who have not needed our assistance, this report serves to bring awareness of what the Beaver Dam Fire Department does.