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Snow & ice Removal Safety Reminder | Thank you City Residents

Snow & Ice Removal Safety Reminder

December 23, 2020


     City residents are reminded of the City Ordinance requiring that any snow or ice accumulations on public sidewalks fronting their properties must be removed each day following any accumulation, including sidewalk ramps at intersections for those properties on corner lots. Ice accumulations that cannot be removed must be treated with a deicing or abrasive agent. The City does appreciate everyone’s efforts in helping to ensure adequate pedestrian movement throughout the city.

     Failure to remove any snow or treat any ice accumulation within the required time period will result in the City removing the snow or treating the ice, with associated costs assessed against the owner of the property. Property owners are encouraged to inform tenants at their property of this requirement, as again, enforcement action is assessed to the property owner, not the tenant.

     Small quantities of sand/salt mixture are available to City residents only, at the north side of the Public Works Dept. building (by the gate) at 640 S. Center St., 24 hours a day. This material is not available to contractors.

     In the interest of safety, and according to local laws citizens/contractors may not shovel, plow or blow snow into the travelable portion of the roadway or across the street from their property.


Thank you,

Dan Mulhern

Supervisor of Public Works