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Hydrant Flushing September 26 - October 2


Hydrant Flushing Notice

The Beaver Dam Water Utility staff will be flushing fire hydrants in various location of the City for 2 weeks beginning September 21 with completion expected by October 2.

Flushing will occur between 6:00 AM and 3:00 PM daily Monday - Friday.  There may be instances where flushing is required on Saturday or Sunday in certain areas.

Residents may notice discolored or cloudy water while a hydrant in the area is being flushed.  This condition may remain until after flushing in the area is complete and the water lines are cleared.  Leaving taps or a garden hose on full flow for a short time should clear the discoloration.

Water discoloration and cloudiness is caused by the dislodging of minerals and other sediments that have collected in the water mains over several months or years.  The water is not harmful to drink, but may cause laundry stains.  If the water does not clear within a reasonable amount of time, please call the Water Utility at 920 887-4624.

Thank you