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Employee Benefits

The following is a general summary of benefits available to full time employees of the City of Beaver Dam. Please note, however, that benefits for members of individual bargaining units may vary somewhat from this summary.


Health Insurance

Health Savings Accounts 100% employer funded.

Employer-paid insurance to 88% -  90% of premium.

High Deductible HSA and Point-of-Service plans available.

Insurance coverage opt-out payments.


Life Insurance

City pays for 1X annual salary; additional group life insurance available in multiples of annual salary at the employee's cost. Coverage is also available for spouses and children, at the employee's expense.


Sick Leave

Employees receive one sick day per month. Sick days may be accumulated up to an unlimited amount, and converted into a fund upon retirement, used to pay health insurance premiums.


Dental Insurance

95% employer-paid for many employees (not all).



1% added to base pay for every five years of service, up to a maximum of 5%.


Holidays and Personal Days

Most employees receive a total of eleven paid holidays/personal days per year.



In general, employees get vacation as follows:

1-5 Years         10 Workdays

6 Years            11 Workdays

8 Years            12 Workdays

9 Years            13 Workdays

10 Years          14 Workdays

11 Years          15 Workdays

12 Years          16 Workdays

13 Years          17 Workdays

14 Years          18 Workdays

15 Years          19 Workdays

16 Years          20 Workdays

17 Years          21 Workdays

18 Years          22 Workdays

19 Years          23 Workdays

20 Years          25 Workdays



We participate in the Wisconsin Retirement Fund.


457 Plan

Deferred compensation plan available through Nationwide.


125 Flexible Spending

Pretax payment of certain expenses allowed, including insurance premiums, dependent care, and dental care.


Uniform Allowance

Some employees receive an allowance for uniforms.


Worker's Compensation Plan

All employees are covered by Wisconsin's Worker's Compensation plan.


Payment for Duty-Incurred Disability

Workers with a duty-incurred disability will receive a payment from the city which represents the difference between the worker's normal wages and any Worker's Compensation payments.


Funeral Leave

Three days of paid leave are allowed for the funeral of family members and certain relatives.



Medical Leave

The city follows the provisions of the Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act and the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act.


Leave of Absence

Employees may qualify for a Leave of Absence up to thirty days, with proper approvals.


Jury Duty and Court Appearances

The city pays the difference between any payments made in these programs, and the employee's regular pay.


Continuing Education and Training

The city may reimburse for approved courses and training upon evidence of successful completion.
Updated: October 2013