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Curbside Leaf and Garden Debris Pickup to Begin

       City of Beaver Dam residents that receive City sponsored solid waste collection services only, are advised that starting Tuesday, October 8, 2019, leaves, grass rakings, garden vines and stalks may be placed in terrace areas at the street edge, in loose piles, for collection by Public Works Dept. personnel. This collection will continue through an announced date in late November.

             Please note the following guidelines:

■    Yard waste is NOT allowed to be placed in the street or gutter.  

■     If possible, do not pile yard waste around or near trees, street light poles, street sign posts, etc. Piling yard waste around these items slows down the collection process.

■     These materials must be placed curbside loose. Please do not place in any container.

■     Leaves, rakings and garden debris must not be mixed with any other forms of waste such as brush or shrubbery cuttings. Separate regulations pertaining to brush and shrubbery collections are still in effect.

■     Fruits, nuts and vegetables are not acceptable and should be disposed of as garbage.

■     Violations will be rejected and must be removed from the street side within 24 hours of the violation notice.

     The Public Works Garage Yard Waste Drop-off Site, at 640 S. Center Street, is also available for disposal of these and other yard waste materials by City Residents. No waste of any kind will be accepted from outside of the city limits or from any contractors.

        Questions should be directed to the Department of Public Works at 887-4635.