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Please Remember to Discharge Grass Clippings AWAY from Street When Mowing Your Lawn

The City of Beaver Dam is under mandate by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to assist in improving water quality in lakes, streams and drainage ways into which city storm sewers discharge. Grass clippings can not only clog storm drains, which can cause localized flooding, but can also cause degradation of water quality of receiving waters.

 When mowing lawn adjacent to the roadway please direct discharge of lawn mower towards the yard rather than into the street. Please do not discharge lawn clippings into the street. If this cannot be avoided, please remove the grass clippings from the street immediately. Cost for clean-up of a violation (minimum of $50) may be issued to the property owner if compliance is not met.

 Those who contract out lawn mowing should notify their contractor of this city requirement.

 It takes a collective effort to help improve water quality in and around our city!  Thank you for your cooperation!