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How will the downtown redevelop without a lot of taxpayer money?
There's a Kevin Costner film named "Field of Dreams" where the theme is "If we build it, they will come." As individual parties invest in their properties (Water Technology, Stooges, Celestial Companies, InterQuest, Rogers Cinemas, Dos Gringos, Mane Stage, and others, momentum builds. Soon, it is a desirable place to be. If the city updates the streetscape, the utilities, and other facilities, it attracts additional investment. The recent announcement of the Weyco project is a huge boost to the whole area. Ultimately, it takes people willing to spend money in the area that makes it prosper; we think this will happen if we foster the right environment.
Is the recently announced Weyco development a sure thing?
It has very high odds for completion and success, yes. The developers are now (May-July '07) in their investigative phase, including such things as environmental reviews. If everything stays on track, they will close on the properties in July, 2007.
Results 1-2 of 2