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If I need emergency Public Works assistance after hours, whom do I contact?
The Department answering machine, 920-887-4635, will refer you to the Police Dept. Dispatcher at 920-887-4612. This is for EMERGENCIES ONLY. Appropriate on-call personnel will return your emergency call. If you wish, a message may be left on the answering machine for a return call from the Department personnel on the next business day.
What are Public Work's office hours?
7:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 12:30 to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, closed on Holidays. Of course we also work when Mother Nature requires, such as plowing during and after snowstorms.
Are there any materials available for pickup at the Public Works Garage?
Yes, during regular business hours only, City Residents only, can pick up wood chips, compost (when available), and very small quantities of sand/salt mixture, at no charge. Blacktop patch material is also available, but, at a cost due to its' expense. All citizens that want blacktop patch must stop at the office before removing material to identify quantity and make payment.
Whom do I contact to report a street light that is out?
Light fixtures on wood poles are maintained by Alliant Energy at 1-800-852-6222. You may also report problems to the Dept. of Public Works, who will relay the problem to Alliant Energy for you. Ornamental lighting (fixtures on metal poles) are maintained by the Public Works Dept. Report them to us by calling 920-887-4635, or use the online form, "Report a Street Light Problem" found in the Action Center of this website.
Who picks up my solid waste (garbage & recyclables)?
Advanced Disposal (formerly Veolia Environmental Services) is currently under contract to provide curbside collection of recyclable and non-recyclable waste (garbage) to residential units, up to and including 4 unit apartment buildings only. No service is provided for other than this residential classification. The Public Works Dept. collects yard waste, i.e. brush, leaves and garden waste for the same residential classification only. Waste regulations are posted in the "Garbage & Rubbish Collection Rules" and "Yard Waste Recycling Rules", found in the Garbage & Rubbish page of the Public Works webpage.
When is my garbage picked up if my pickup day is a holiday?
Normally, on the following week day. There are some exceptions though as Advanced Disposal (formerly Veolia Environmental Services), the City's waste collection contractor, does not observe all holidays the same as the City does, i.e. Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Press releases are utilized to inform residents of the revised schedule, including local news paper and radio station.
Who do I contact for questions or problems related to recyclable or garbage (non-recyclables) waste collection?
For other than yard waste, call the City's Contractor first, Advanced Disposal (formerly Veolia Environmental Services), at 1-800-387-0949. If not satisfied with their response, call or email the Dept. of Public Works office. For yard waste related issues, call or email the Dept. of Public Works office.
When may I place my trash at the curb for collection?
No more than 24 hours prior to your scheduled collection day. Also, rejected violations and/or empty carts must be removed from street-side or alleys within 24 hours of the collection day.
Who do I contact for curb alterations or driveway approach modification information?
The Public Works Supervisor, as listed in the Staff Directory.
Is it allowed to place a construction waste dumpster temporarily in the street parking lane?
Yes, under certain conditions. You must first contact the Public Works Dept. office for permission and instructions.
Who do I contact to arrange for underground utilities to be located and marked?
Call Digger's Hotline at least 3 days before planned excavation at 1-800-242-8511.
What are the hours of the yard waste drop-off site at the Public Works Garage?
7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, closed on Holidays.
Is the yard waste drop-off site ever open on Saturdays?
Yes, during announced dates in April through November, the site is open from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays, closed on Holidays. Saturday hours for 2016 began on Saturday April 9th and will continue through Saturday, November 19, 2016.
Can any other waste be disposed of at the yard waste drop-off site at the City Garage?
Yes, waste engine oil, certain approved rough metal items, minor amounts of concrete chunks and other small amounts of unwanted yard generated materials, subject to approval by site attendant. NO garbage,appliances containing refrigerants or microwaves are accepted.
Is there any time when other waste can be disposed of at the Public Works Garage?
Yes, on the first Wednesday of every month from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. and the third Saturday of every month, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, City Residents only can dispose of excess garbage and "bulk waste" as described in the Garbage & Rubbish Collection Rules. A truck which is manned by an Advanced Disposal (formerly Veolia) employee is parked at the south end of Myrtle Rd. for this service. This opportunity to dispose of excess garbage that will not fit in your Advanced (Veolia) cart for the weekly pickup and to dispose of bulk items is provided in addition to the two curbside bulk collections provided on your first garbage pickup day of May and October each year.
Can anyone utilize the drop-off site?
No, the site is available to City Residents only. No waste of any kind is accepted from outside the City limits, including the Town of Beaver Dam. Users should be prepared to show proof of residency upon request. Also, no waste is accepted from Contractor activity.
Which day is my brush collected street-side?
During the months of April through November only, curbside brush chipping is performed on each residents first waste collection day of the month only. Exceptions are made if residents experience storm related tree damage. Call or email the Public Works office for special instructions if this occurs.
When are leaves collected street-side?
Leaf collection begins at an announced date in October and continues through an announced date in late November. There is no Spring leaf collection.
Does leaf collection follow regular daily waste collection routes?
No. It is impossible to keep up with scheduled waste collection routes due to volume of leaves. Collection begins on one side of the City and sweeps across to the other side in a never ending cycle, once collection begins. The starting point depends on the volume of leaves present.
Where should I place my garbage and recycling carts for collection?
Carts should be placed at the edge of the tree border area, not in the street. Carts must face the street, as indicated by the arrow on the cart. Carts must be fully accessible and cannot be blocked by parked vehicles.
Can I place my garbage and recycling carts in the street for collection when there is snow on the tree border area?
No. Carts are never to be placed in the street for collection. You can place your carts at the edge of your driveway approach or shovel out a space in your tree border area for the carts. Carts cannot be placed in the street because this would cause a hazard for drivers and would interfere with snow plowing efforts. If carts are in the street, plows have to swerve out and leave plowed snow in the street, rather than plowing to the curb.
What are the regulations for residents for clearing sidewalks of snow & ice?
City Ordinance requires that any snow or ice accumulations on public sidewalks be removed each day following any acculmulation. Ice accumulations that cannot be removed must be sprinkled with a material which will prevent the sidewalk from being dangerous to pedestrians. City residents can pick up small quantities of a sand/salt mixture at the City Garage, 640 S. Center St. for their sidewalks. The sand/salt mixture is located in a concrete bunker outside the northerly gate, available 24 hours a day. Violations of this Ordinance will result in the City removing the snow or treating the ice, with the costs to do so assessed against the owner of the property. Property owners are encouraged to inform tenants of their property of this requirement, as again, enforcement action is assessed to the property owner, not the tenant.
Who clears the snow from around fire hydrants?
The Fire Department asks residents to remove snow from around the fire hydrants. Residents are asked to shovel out snow three feet around the hydrant and to shovel a path to the street.
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