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BDPD Featured Law of the Month

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Each month, this page will focus on a law or ordinance.
The ordinance will be shown as written and a short explanation will be provided.


Section 50-16 - Curfew.

No individual under the age of 17 years shall loiter, idle or remain, and no parent or guardian shall knowlingly permit his child or ward of such age, to loiter, idle or remain in or upon any of the streets, alleys or public places in the city between 11pm and 6 am, unless such individual is accompanied by a parent, guardian, spouse or some person of lawful age having legal custody and responsibility for such individual.

What does this mean?

Any child, 16 years or younger, can not be out after 11pm at night on ANY night during the year unless WITH a parent or guardian. If a Police Officer has contact with a child 16 years or younger, the Officer will contact the child's parent or guardian and return the child home.

Repeat Curfew violators can be cited. Anyone allowing their children out after 11pm are also subject to a citation.

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