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1000 Books Before Kindergarten

 Register online HERE by clicking on the form in the Google Drive folder that opens (you do not need to sign in to complete the form) and print a pdf version of the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten log.

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1,000 Books Before Kindergarten is an ongoing early literacy initiative based upon solid evidence that the more children are read to then the more prepared they are to learn to read.

It’s easier than it sounds to reach this goal. At three books each day or 20 books each week, you can reach the 1,000 book goal in a single year! If you start at birth reading four books each week, by the time your child reaches kindergarten age, you’ll have read 1,040 books.

Questions? Comments? Contact Miss Sarah in person, by phone at 887-4631 x 105 or by email at

 How it works:

  1. Participation is year round and there is no charge to participate.
  2. Children who have not yet enrolled in kindergarten (birth to five) are eligible.
  3. Register to receive the first 100 Books reading log and a new book for your child to keep.
  4. Mark one circle for each book read on the bookmark. Fill in the numbers 1-100, color in the circle, cross it out, draw a smiley face, or any method that works for your family. (If you read the same book several times, it counts every time you read it.) Count books heard at Storytime, at daycare, and books others read to your child.
  5. Bring completed book log to the library to receive a sticker and the next 100 books log.
  6. Children receive a certificate of completion and a new book when the 1000 book goal is reached. Plus, their photo is added to the “I’ve Read 1000 Books” Photo Album on Facebook.